Thursday , July 7 2022

Find out what happened before the wedding of Har and Megan


Find a fight that happened before Harry and Meghan's wedding - Reproduction / Instagram / @ kensingtonroial

For all who witnessed the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markl, no one can imagine that before the ceremony there was a quarrel between the couple with Queen Elizabeth.

In a book written by Robert Jobson, the journalist says that now the Duchess of Saseks created problems for the tiger.

Meghan wanted a jewel that had an emerald, but officials warned it would not be possible.

"What Meghan wants, Meghan can," said Prince Harry.

At the ceremony, the ex-actress finished the tie with the diamonds offered by Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Harry even claimed with his grandmother Meghan to conquer the jewel he wanted.

"Meghan can not have what she wants, maybe she has a trick to give her," said Monarch.

The Queen also stated that the Duchess must be careful to follow the current protocols.

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