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Five replacements of sugar that can help control diabetes HEALTH


CConsidering that symptoms can only occur later in the afternoon, diabetes accounts for about 6.2% of the Brazilian population, of which 39.5% are older than 65 years old.

But how can we keep the sweetness of life for these people, because I can not consume sugar?

According to nutritionist Iari Paskua, low-calorie sweetening agents can be used in the diet of people with diabetes, as there is scientific evidence that they can positively contribute to the prevention of obesity, diabetes control, however. quantities sent by a specialist. Therefore, it emphasizes below 5 of these sugar substitutes.

1. Aspartame: His sweet strength is up to 200 times higher than sugar, no calories, and his consumption is issued for diabetics. However, aspartame is banned in Europe due to its carcinogenic potential.

2. Sucralose: Extracted from sugar cane and modified so that the body does not absorb, its taste is close to sugar, it does not contain calories, does not change glycemic and its use is indicated for people with diabetes.

3. Stevia: Stevia is a potassium plant born in Central and South America. Stevia has no calories and has little or no effect on blood sugar, which makes it an excellent sugar substance for people with diabetes.

Acesulfam K: It has the power of sweetness 180 times more than sugar, without calories, it does not metabolize itself from the body and is eliminated in the urine.

5. Saccharin: It was the first sweetener to be discovered, no calories, and its sweetening power is 500 times higher than sugar, it can leave a bitter opportunity when it enters high concentrations. The only restriction with saccharin is for pregnant women.

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