Thursday , January 28 2021

Flamengo keeps Ceni, shares mistakes and studies changes in football for next season

The irregularity of the Flamengo on the pitch and the lack of results in 2021 increased the pressure on the club, especially on Rogério Ceni. On Monday, after a round trip of meetings and discussions about the future, the board of directors decided to keep him in office.

The conclusion after an exchange of ideas indicated two paths: Ceni is not the protagonist of the bad red-black moment and, for this reason, it is necessary to reformulate the direction of the football department for next season. Don’t necessarily do without names, but change the way you play every day. Increase the collection, promote internal competitiveness and restore more rigid methods to make the team return to the level so decanted and, more than that, evolve.

The club observes Brazilians with excellence in management abroad. One of the ideas would be to have professionals who do high level work in clubs abroad. It would be an alternative to resume what was interrupted by Jorge Jesus, who left Ninho do Urubu without a specific legacy. But the idea clashes with Gávea’s delicate political chess.

The feeling of the summit is that the football department has not been able to find solutions at the difficult time, which would underline the heart of part of the council that the sector ended up being “outsourced” by the Portuguese during its passage.

Jesus controlled almost everything in the Vulture’s Nest, from schedules, postures, organization, training methods to who was allowed to observe the training. Once, in 2020, he noticed the presence of people from the football department with whom he was not close and demanded that they leave the place. There was some embarrassment, but the coach ended up being taken care of. Since his departure, day-to-day flexibility is considered greater in TC.

It is understood that athletes such as Pablo Marí and Rafinha played a role beyond the field, with an effective contribution to the good environment and internal competitiveness. And besides: with the departure of the athletes, they had no substitutes, mainly in the roles they played in the extra-field.

Rogério Ceni maintains good contact with athletes, still praising a more direct relationship with the experienced and training methods. It is a point that counted in favor of his permanence, although there are internal questions about some options, such as the selection of Caesar instead of Hugo against Ceará or the failure of grassroots athletes like Ramon. It is understood that some beginners still do not meet the training requirements, with movements specific to the game model to a low use in technical training, such as crossings, for example. And in this way, they forget in relation to others.

Experienced with the daily life of football and with a closer proximity to the athletes and the core of the locker room, the vice of football, Marcos Braz, tries to overcome the pressure. But the leader himself suffers from internal criticism mainly after his candidacy and the consequent elections for councilor in Rio de Janeiro. It was invested earlier this month.

After Monday’s meetings, there is the promise of a tougher conversation with the squad after the disastrous start of 2021 and the risk of not even finishing the Brazilian in the G-4, which could further compromise the part financial. The lawsuit is an immediate reaction from the match against Goiás next week.

After the defeat against Ceará, the atmosphere in the locker room was of pure reduction, from players to coach. Diego asked for the floor, made a loud speech in an attempt to regain his mood and also charged against his teammates. At the time, many understood that Ceni would not remain at the forefront of the picture, perhaps even by choice.

The team’s lack of reaction despite weeks of training frustrated other members of the football department, but especially the coach. There was concern about how to proceed in the face of a new failure amid a five-game offside sequence. Therefore, the position of the coach was under debate. In Gávea chess, the boiling of the political cauldron is also considered a key piece.

Yes, there is a difference in thoughts between the headquarters and the Ninho do Urubu, even more intense with the presidential elections later this year. There was strong dissatisfaction with the way Domènec Torrent’s contract was negotiated, for example. The salty fine of 1.8 million euros (about $ 12 million), equivalent until the end of the contract, was the main reason. The agreement with representatives of the Catalan coach took two months to complete and the club was unsuccessful in trying to reduce the loss.

Between Gávea and Ninho, Flamengo 2019 is a beautiful portrait on the wall. But the framework of the current season is broken and the club makes one last attempt to fix it in time without abrupt changes.

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