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Gabi Brandt and Saulo Pontius marry at the LINDA ceremony at the Copacabana Palace; take a look!


The great day has come, my people! The doves Gabi Brandt and Saulo Pontius officially celebrated the marriage on Friday night (18) at the modern Hotel Copacabana Palace, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Pregnant with her first child with Saul, Gabi chose designer Lethicia Bronstein to dress her up and make her a "sexy girlfriend".

In an interview with, Lethicia said that Gabi asked her to do the piece in November after being presented by her mutual friend Sal Moretti. "I already talked about the recently discovered pregnancy and the details of the wedding in the Copacabana Palace. She said she wanted to be a sexy girlfriend and princess at the same time and then we started trying out various dresses to see what she liked, neckline, skirt, etc."The designer said.

Plenaaa (Photo: João Almeida / Joana Costa)

Gabi then decided a sexiest model with an easy skirt to eliminate that became a mermaid version for the party. According to Lethicia, the dress took 3 months to complete. "Gabi is a super sexy girl, so we opt for a very deep neckline and a siren skirt. The base of the dress is the crepe chanel and the chest and the sides in lace chantilly with embroidered crystals 3D flowers, balls and glass on the redrawing of the body. For the ceremony, a skirt with an illusion of a length of almost 100 meters of cloth, all in layers with crinol and a tail of 4 meters. The veil is 6 meters long and it was made with French souchette lace at the tips"The designer said.

And Gabi was a beautiful girlfriend, right? The girlfriend opted for a suit all worked in the Italian brand Dolce Gabanna. They went up to the altar at a ceremony of Pastor Walter, 84, a leader of the Anglican Evangelical Pentecostal Church, where Saul was raised.

Taste the Groom's Suit! (Photo: João Almeida / Joana Costa)

And he even rolled this funniest moment with José Márcio, the nephew of Saul, who was a page and steals the scene when he came alone with the rings. See what else ITI MALIA:

See more records of the ceremony:

Among the guests were Luan Otten, Saulo's partner at UM44K, couples Jonathan Couto and Sarah Pontius and Gabi Prado and João Zoli and the influential digital Rafael Uccman. Let it know:

Wonderful, right? We wish Gabi and Saulo all the happiness of this world!

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