Tuesday , October 26 2021

Gabriel Jesus reveals admiration for Lukaku, ‘injured’ at Chelsea and how he changed positions with ‘Mr’ Guardiola at City


Gabriel Jesus prepares to find the Chelsea I like Manchester City, this Saturday at 8:30 a.m. (GMT), with Exclusive live play for Star + subscribers (click on here to know more). And the Brazilian admits: he maintains a certain “evil” of his rivals.

The main scar is at the end of the Champions League last season, won by Thomas Tuchel. “There is always the pain of having lost important matches, at home, semifinals, finals … But we have to put aside and play to win, as we always try,” the striker said in an exclusive interview with ESPN Brazil.

When analyzing the next rival in the Premier League, Jesus also revealed his admiration for Romelu Lukaku, who leads the attack of the blues after being one of the most expensive reinforcements of the last recruitment window, changing the Inter Milan for England.

“They were strengthened with the arrival of Lukaku. He is a player I really like, a scorer. Very strong, physically, technically … They have strengthened themselves and are sinking even harder against us. We will respect the opponent, but we will impose our rhythm ”.

Despite enjoying Chelsea’s forward football this season, Jesus has been less of a reference man up front, like the Belgian, but again a striker on the sidelines. Something that, according to him, began to be defined some time ago.

“If you take my professional start, in Palmeiras, I played on the left. At the base too, at the national team, at the Olympics … I played as a striker and went ahead. Then, with Oswaldo (from Oliveira), Cuca, I was second striker (in Palmeiras). Then I turned first. Things happened in the selection as well. That’s how I came here. “



Gabriel Jesus’ Manchester City face Chelsea this Saturday at 8:30 am (GMT), with LIVE and EXCLUSIVE broadcast Star + subscribers

“But in my mind, I was always ahead. I think with my qualities I help more from the front than from the center. I play like this for the national team since the Copa America. This is nothing new for me or for many people in Brazil. But here (in England), yes. Maybe they don’t follow the selection so much “, he recalled.

“It simply came to our notice then. I came back from vacation, I started training like that and it was like that. Last year there were one or two conversations with the “mister” about playing at the top and it happened. But I have the possibility of playing open or centralized “, he added, about Guardiola.

“It simply came to our notice then. Get him to train and get going. I feel very comfortable. I think I help the team more than inside. It was good for me and it will do even more. “

This season, the first without Sergio Aguero at City, Gabriel Jesus has already scored two goals in six games and delivered three assists. Last week he completed his 200th match with the Manchester blue shirt.

“In the crescent that had been and still is, it is always a great challenge. He arrives, he plays with great players … He competes with one of the biggest idols, if not the biggest, of the club, Sergio. A challenge I accepted. And I think I did well. “

“What Sergio did here, no one will do, but I think I’ve been doing my job well. Play my football. Sometimes it doesn’t go the way we want, but I think I enjoy it a lot. Today I am adapted, I feel at home “.

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