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Gustavo, Paula and Hariany are on the wall; Who should go? – TV Spotlight


Gustavo, Hariany and Paula are on the BBB19 wall; Who should go?
Gustavo, Hariany and Paula are on the BBB19 wall; Who should go?

The night of Sunday (27) was of wall formation at the Globe BBB19. It all started with Rodrigo, Ángel of the week, giving immunity to Gabi. After that, it was the turn of Hanna to drive somebody ahead of reality show.

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The sister decided to indicate Gustavo to the wall dispute. After the vote he began the confessional of the Great Brother Brazil and it happened in the following way:

Alan voted for Paula
Gabi voted for Paula
Hariany voted for Rodrigo
Gustavo voted for Rodrigo
Danley voted for Diego
Isabela voted for Elana
Carol Peixinho voted Paula
Maycon voted to Hariany
Paula voted to Rodrigo
Rodrigo voted for Paula
Diego voted for Rodrigo
Rizia voted for Paula
Elana voted for Isabela
Tereza voted to Hariany

In this way, Paula was the most voted one for BBB19's house and ended up on the wall with five votes.

Even if the Big Fone program sounded, Maycon responded and pointed to someone directly at the breakwater. He chose Hariany.

So, Gustavo, Paula and Hariany They are at the break of BBB19. The result will be known to the public on Tuesday (29), while the vote in the TV Focus TV preference preference will not occur. If you can not see it, click here.


Dr. Gê, one of the biggest villains in the program (Photo: Reproduction)

Gustavo viewers' attention of the BBB19 due to its position. The participant is totally focused and only thinks about the strategies of the game. This, however, has been worrying about a famous friend that the doctor keeps out of the show reality. That is it Rogério Padovangreat villain BBB5, better known as Dr. Gê.

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"I really liked and wanted to win the show, but Gustavo gets too heavy. It should be lighter at the beginning of the game, giving the public time to know more. But it has already come face to face in the said in an interview with the Extra newspaper. "I think that this position is a lot short of life in the show. From here you will be editing it in 20 minutes. There is a lot that is not favorable for him."it continued.

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Dr. Gê spoke of Gustavo. "He is a very nice boy, an excellent professional. What happens in the interior does not interfere negatively with your profession. I say this because I have lived this situation. I was the first great player of "BBB", one of the biggest villains in the history of the show and when I came out, everyone wanted to take a picture, I asked an autograph … " he said.


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