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Haddad turns corruption and washing in the case of a chart – Politics



Justy de So Paulo has opened a criminal case against former mayor Fernando Haddad (2013/2016) for passive corruption and money laundering. According to the state public ministry, in April and May 2013, PT coffers, Joo Vaccari Neto, requested an amount of 3 million RON from the contractor UTC Engenharia allegedly charted by Francisco Carlos de Souza, "Chico Gordo", former PT deputy. The prosecution argues that between May and June of that year, the contractor effectively transferred $ 2.6 million worth of Haddad.

The decision was made by Judge Leonardo Valente Barreiros, 5th Criminal Court in the capital, which partially received a waiver from the state public ministry. The judge rejected a part of the charges that the former mayor charged with the gang crime.

In addition to Haddad and Waqari (officially Russian for passive corruption and money laundering), businessman Ricardo Pessoa and executive director Valmir Pinheiro Santana, both UTC (active corruption, gang form and money laundering), Alberto doleiro Ioussef (gangs and money laundering), alleged supporters value, and "Chico Gordo", the owner of graphics (passive corruption, gang and money laundering).

Justus was presented by prosecutor Marcelo Mendroi, who is part of the public ministry for the fight against economic crimes.

According to Mendroni, the then state treasurer "advocated and spoke on behalf of Fernando Haddad." The prosecutor says that it was on Haddad's agenda when, as mayor of So Paula, on February 28, 2013, he personally received the Podgorica contractor.

Mendroni points out that Ricardo Pessoa, who became a dive from the Operation Lava Jet, has already held some kind of "parallel accounting" with Vaccary, in connection with the fees paid as a result of the UTC Engenharia S / A contract with Petrobras, with a "debt" pay, in an unprofitable payment of tuition, in the amount of $ 15 million.

"Ricardo Pessoa and Fernando Haddad, as candidate for the post of mayor So Paula, presented Jos Di Filippi Junior and met several times during the pre-election campaign in 2012," the prosecution said.

Judge Leonardo Valente Barreiros said in his decision: "There has been a request for $ 3 million to be met". Thus, Ricardo Pessoa promised and offered directly to Jou Vaccari Neto and indirectly Fernando Haddad. Joo Vaccari Neto called and gave him a mobile phone number Francisco Carlos de Souza ("Chico"), in order to operationalize this unusable payment, Ricardo Pessoa and Joo Vaccari Net have exchanged information about the phone numbers of their agents. Ricardo Pessoa also advised Joo Vaccari Neto that payment contacts should be made through his financial director Valmira Pinheiro Santana, who negotiated the amount to be reduced to $ 2.6 million.

Followed by judges. "The narrative explanation continues to emphasize that the capture and distribution of illegal sources has been developed through the scheme set by UTC Engenharia S / A, mainly contracts for providing fictitious and / or overpriced services, so that the values ​​or differences are in order to restore UTC Engenharia S / A , but for the "twin account" they had with Alberto Ioussef, then Alberto Ioussef will hand over some of the value of money in kind, and in the second part use PFs and computers to receive values ​​and refer them to other PF and / or PJ, so the values ​​are finally transmitted and graphs which means "Chico". "

After simulating service contracts, according to the prosecution, payments would be made in two ways. In the first case, Ioussef ordered his staff Rafael Ngulo Lopes to deliver values, usually on Saturday morning, in the garage of his business building in cash directly to "Chico".

In the second, Ioussef made successive bank transfers by companies and graphic artists he called "Chico" in order to hide the origin of values.

The request would take place between April and May 2013. "Payments, symptomatic, between May and June 2013," stresses the judge. "This was the payment of that debt, especially controversial during the campaign of Fernando Haddada in 2012 on the position of mayor So Paula."


With the same testimony, on the basis of the same facts, of an informant whose story was already rejected by the STF, the Public Ministry filed a complaint on cash 2, and all of them without evidence, based only on the worn-out word of Ricardo Pessoa, who had his interests against the then Mayor Fernando Haddad, and this is an abuse that will be brought before the courts.

On September 10, Haddad's application filed a petition in the file and claimed that "the inability to maintain the minimum individual description of the behavior that the accused would have committed, nor nuclear elements that contained the criminal type of passive corruption".

According to the former mayor's defense, "cancellation does not indicate the purpose of payment at all, even in perspective."

"It is necessary to point out the act of man to characterize the crime of passive corruption, which is a minimal description of what is expected in exchange for an undesirable advantage", supports the defense of Haddad. "There is no evidence of passive corruption, and there is no reason for a criminal offense, and there is no basis for a complaint based exclusively on the words of an award-winning associate."

The defense also stressed that it was incompetent because of the fact that the facts were denied to the electoral judiciary "because they represented an incalculable election right, and there was a material and procedural connection, which is a predominant special jurisdiction."

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