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How much style! With the aim of writing, Bahia celebrates in the end and defeats Cear

Despite difficulties and a dramatic drop in the match in the match, Bahia had the quality of Edigar Junio ​​who dominated from 2 to 1 Ceara in Arena Fonte Nova to settle in the 10th position and practically eliminate any chance of relegation.

For its part, the victory in Salvador at the 34th Brazilian championship was rather negative for Vozoa's pretensions. Apart from just one point above Z4 in the 15th place with 38 units, the team can enter the tightening zone depending on the results of Sport and Chapecoense.

Bahia is trying to bug, but Vozao opens the account

The first five minutes were very fast host games, obviously trying to make Cear not comfortable with the defensive system and quickly open points. However, the team led Lyscom in the 7th minute, when Samuel Ksavier's cross from the edge of the box made it easier for Richison to expand next to Calison in the net.


Bahia, despite retaining a good ball bowl and continuing to command the aspect of creating offensive performances, managed to effectively infiltrate the Alvinegro de Porangabuc area in 19 minutes through Ramires. The manager took advantage of the good exchange of passages of Edgar Juni and Elton to bump hard and see Everson make a plastic defense.

Ceara almost did not arrive, but when he could …

Although Bahia continued to hover around and ultimately Everson was doing mostly on the left side of the attack, Liz's side did not produce a bit in the offensive, leaving visitors in a very unpleasant situation. This inconvenience was only softened in the 37th minute when Calison again had room to finish and filled his leg for a good intervention by Daglas.

Bora, Baea!

If the most creative moves by Skuad so far came to the left, he wanted the fate that the goal of equality should come from the opposite angle. In the precise passage of Edigara Juniua, Ze Rafael infiltrated well and touched his head in the opposite corner, covering well Everson and leaving everything equal in Arena Fonte Nova.

Lower intensity pressure

In the second half there was a victory in rhythmic rhythm and with scarce number of goals. And Bahia, who showed more difficulty breaking through the blockade of the Ceira, as well as the visiting side, who clearly showed satisfaction with the result and tried only to leave the absolutely "good" counter-attack.

Clean category

When the match showed signs of equalization, central striker Edigar Junio ​​was very smart in predicting scoring and touching the letters on the back of the net, closing points in Arena Fonte Nova.


Location: Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador (BA)
Date and time: 14/11/2018 – 21 h (Brasilia time)
Public incomes: 17,825 people – R $ 328,821.00

Referee: Raphael Claus (FIFA-SP)
Assistants: Danilo Ricardo Simon Manis (FIFA-SP) and Rogerio Pablos Zanardo (CBF-SP)
Yellow cards: Elton, Lukas Fonseca (BAH); Ricardinho, Richardson (CEA)
Red Cards:
Objectives: Calison (7 '/ 1 ° T), Ze Rafael (43' / 1 * T) and Edigar Jun (47 '/ 2 * T)

BAHIA: Douglas; Bruno, Douglas Grolley (Jackson, 26? / 2 ° T), Lucas Fonseca and Leo (Paulinho, 24? / 2 ° T); Gregor, Elton, Ramires and Ze Raphael (Vinicius, 37 ° / 2 ° T); Elber and Edigar Jun. Technical: Enderson Moreira.

CEARA: Everson; Samuel Ksavier (Fabinho, 39 ° / 2 ° T), Valdo, Luiz Otavio and Joao Lucas; Edinho, Richardson and Ricardinho (Arnaldo, at 31 ° / 2 ° T); Calison (Pedro Ken, 31 ° / 2 ° T), Leandro Carvalho and Arthur. Technician: Lisca.

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