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“If one state does it and another does not, we are drying ice,” says the governor of Piauí Piauí

The governor of Piaui and coordinator of the vaccine issue at the National Forum of Governors, Wellington Dias (PT), advocated that the federal government take national measures to contain the progress of the new coronavirus in the country and prevent a collapse.

“What we want are national measures. We are in the process of national collapse in the hospital network and therefore national action is needed. If one state does and the other does not, we will clean the ice. Therefore, measures are needed in relation to airports, ports, railways, so that we have greater control over the entry of the virus, ”Dias said in an interview with Globo News on Saturday (27).

  • 7 capitals have SUS ICU beds with more than 90% occupancy

In addition, the governor called for agility in the approval of vaccines against Covid-19 by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

According to him, the occupancy of clinical beds and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for patients with Covid-19 is over 70% in 21 federal units. Faced with this situation, the rulers are calling for greater control to reduce the circulation of the virus.

The governor of Piauí, Wellington Dias (PT), participates in a meeting with the Minister of Health – Photo: Dissemination / Government of Piauí

Wellington Dias made the request to the Ministry of Health on Thursday (25). In addition, government officials want the Union to examine the ability to invest in inputs, which are already lacking in some states.

“I was at the ministry last Thursday dealing with this request and I also made a special request to him examine investing capacity, from what we have in stock of medicines, supplies needed for the hospital chain. It has already started to have problems in some places “, he pointed out, without specifying.

Governors also want people in priority groups to be vaccinated before April. To do this, Wellington calls for agility in the approval of vaccines and also the possibility of purchase by the states.

“We are putting in the ministry the need to streamline [a aprovação de vacinas] by the regulatory agency. I work in the environmental, control and contracting areas, but when there is an emergency situation we go there, we talk, we work, you have to be sensitive to be able to approve, ”he said.

“It simply came to our notice then the purchase by the states, integrated with the federal government. In fact, it is not a competition, but a complement “, commented Wellington.

Bolsonaro criticizes restrictive measures

Bolsonaro announces the resumption of works in the EC and causes congestion
Bolsonaro announces the resumption of works in the EC and causes congestion

Bolsonaro announces the resumption of works in the EC and causes congestion

On Friday (26), President Jair Bolsonaro criticized the adoption of strict measures by mayors and governors while visiting Ceará. The statement came a day after Brazil (25) hit a record 1,582 deaths in 24 hours.

“Those who shut everything down and destroy jobs are against what their people want. Don’t criticize me, go in the middle of people even after the election,” said the president, who generated agglomeration in the two events planned on his agenda.

Bolsonaro also said, without giving details, that “from now on, a governor who closes the state must pay for emergency aid.”

The president’s visit to Ceará came amid an increase in Covid-19 cases in the state and was criticized by Governor Camilo Santana (PT), who did not participate in the event.

“I have full respect for the authority, but I cannot agree with what I consider a serious mistake,” said the governor of the facts, which would generate agglomeration.

Lira wants to meet with governors

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), during a statement to the press with the President of the Federal Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG), before the Federal Supreme Court (STF), in Brasília, this Thursday night (18), after meeting with STF President Luiz Fux. – Photo: DIDA SAMPAIO / STADIUM CONTENT

House Speaker Arthur Lira (PP-AL) said on Saturday (27) that he will talk to governors next week about actions to tackle the pandemic.

“We are in a second wave that had previous warnings from Manaus, it always starts there and the first and some other capitals started there because of the center. At the end of the year we had New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Carnival, a lot of people traveling around Brazil. And it was predictable that these things would happen, ”said Lira.

On a social network, the mayor reported that he intends to hear suggestions on legislative measures and changes to the budget to combat the pandemic.

Lira claimed that right now, when governors announce an increase in traffic restrictions, with the option of curfew and blocking, the “time to contribute”.

“I intend to hold a conference call with the governors this week, together with the president and speaker of the CMO [Comissão Mista do Orçamento], listen to how the budget can help overcome the pandemic “, he published.

Lira also wants to hear suggestions from governors on “emergency legislative measures” that will be analyzed “urgently”, but “respecting the fiscal ceiling, to address the effects of Covid 19”.

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