Sunday , May 16 2021

In the midst of the controversy, Silvio Santos wins the series, film and music – Prisma

In the eyes of a hurricane after weakness with Claudia Leitte, the presenter and businessman will have their biography on television with screen, open, film and music

With so much controversy, the latest, including Claudia Leitte, Silvio Santos will say his life several times on a small screen and on a big screen.

The series on the paths of presenters and entrepreneurs will be made by the paid Fok channel, in partnership with the producer Gullana Filmes.

Planned two seasons, composed of eight episodes of one hour, the series began recording in the second half of 2019 and should debut in 2020 in Brazil and across South America by FOKS Premium.

The project began to develop internally in 2016 and the largest investment is FOKS Netvorks Group in Brazil, where it has been operating for 25 years. The team has not received any awards yet.

In addition to the pai-TV series, Silvio Santos will also win a movie in theaters, music and be in the mini-series at Globe.

Daniel Boaventura will interpret the presenter and SBT's owner in the mini-series Globe preparing to praise Hebe Camargo. West Prime Minister 2019.

A musician who talks about the life of the presenter is also developing.

None of these productions were officially approved by Silvio Santos.

Controversially, Silvio entered the eyes of Hurricane after Teleton this week, a humanitarian campaign in favor of the AACD. After receiving Claude Leitte at the show, SS said she did not hug it because it would "be excited".

After weakness, the singer went to social networks to protest and said that it was "a shame".

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