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IPVA: Disposal off for final plate cars 6 wins in this fourth (16) in 2019


IPVA: Disposal of discount for final plate cars 6 wins in this fourth (16) in 2019. The Secretary of the Property and Planning informs that the payment term as a discount of 3% of the automobiles of license plate 5 of the Property Tax of Automotive Vehicles (IPVA) of 2019 is locked in this fourth-fair (16). State taxpayers should pay close attention to the due dates to take advantage of the deduction and regularize the tax.

Disposal can be carried out in three modalities: at sight as a discount of 3% (janeiro); at sight not discounted (February); or in three installments, from January to March, according to the expiration date of the license plate. To effect payment, it is enough to go to a bank agency credited as the National Registry of Automotive Vehicle (Renavam) and carry out the recollection of the IPVA 2019.

The recommendation is the use of self-termination terminals, box checkers, internet or scheduled debit, or other channels offered by the banking institution to make the payment. The IPVA can also be paid in lotteries.


On January 9, the Secretary of Housing and Planning agrees with two financial operators that will allow the taxpayer to perform the installment of the Vehicle Property Property Tax (IPVA) for 2019 through the credit card, also contemplating the payment of the Insurance of Danos Pessoais Caused by Road Vehicles Automotive (DPVAT) and Licensing.

This measure seeks to alleviate the weight of the new year accounts in the taxpayer's bag. The companies will have autonomy to define the number of plots and adapt the best negotiation as the contributor, who can consult, through the Internet, the rights linked to credentialed companies.

Antecipado Licensing 2019

In order to precede the annual license, all debts owed to the vehicle, including the IPVA, the licensing fee, the DPVAT Insurance premium and, as the case may be, the transit fines, shall be fully deducted.


IPVA expiration schedule

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