Thursday , October 6 2022

Jardine justifies absences on the SPFC list and talks about news about the ball market


O São Paulo technician He published the list with 19 players for the 2016 Paulista Championship and justified the reasons for the open positions in the list. Among them, there is half of Hernanes and the other is attacking Biro-Biro. Jardine also spoke about absences from Edimar, Lucas Perri and Lucas Kal, noting that he is attending the ball market.

"We also study a round round. It is important not to burn all the inscriptions. We will always see the market. Appearing a high level and viable player, we will see. Kal has many things, but we have three defenders at a good pace. is greater than the basic age, if we need to, we will register "said the tricolor trainer.

The same fate does not have Edimar coach. He will hardly have any chance in the state championship, as there is a great deal of competition for this sector. The coach says that they can count on Leo and Reinaldo, leaving in suspense not to burn the vacant and also leave another player free.

Also said the absence of goalkeeper Lucas Perri. The reason is that the defender has many chances of being transferred to English football and this possibility has changed the player's state of mind. According to the coach, he was very motivated with the desire to play a Premier League, SP would fight for a place, but that was good for everyone.

It is valid to say that the coach was responsible for the sub-20 team of the previous season, at the beginning of this year he was the assistant of Diego Aguirre and was invited to be a coach at the end of November. The SPFC debut at the Paulista Championship takes place this Saturday against Mirassol, at the Morumbi stadium, at 19:30, time in Brasilia.

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