Saturday , April 17 2021

Juventus and Real Madrid can & # 39; change & # 39; to the Brazilians, and Ronaldo approves

After Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid, moving to Juventus, the two teams could return to negotiate. This time, the operation would involve two Brazilian stars and team mates.

According to CalcioMercato, Marcelo is still very close to meeting his Christian Christian friend in Turin, and on the contrary, Alex Sandro could do the reverse trip. Alex Sandro could be the solution left by Florentino Pérez Marcelo, in an almost direct exchange between the two on the left side of the Canary Island.

Marcelo could join Ronaldo

Sometimes the market has these coincidences. And if he confirms the game of Marcelo to Juventus, in the last weeks, Real Madrid should hire a new left turn. Marcelo is a history of the Spanish team, this is his 13th season in the Merengue T-shirt, but at 30, the player and the Spanish colossus could follow their paths.

The presence of a friend in Turin could further facilitate the decision of the Brazilian defender who, a few years ago, is one of the best in the world in his position. In addition, Juventus shows some problems in his defense and the player can improve the team, in addition to meeting with whom during nine seasons he was one of his best companions.

Ronaldo hopes the two clubs can reach an agreement, since both players have always been very good on the pitch and it would be nice for Ronaldo to have the support and assistance of Marcelo, now in Juventus.

Real Madrid finds the solution

And while Juventus dreams of Marcelo, Real Madrid would think of a substitute for the back, which would be compatriot Alex Sandro. The Brazilian player of Juventus has a contract until 2023, but at age 28 he still has some proposals from the Premier League, PSG and Real Madrid. The Spaniards see Alex Sandro as Marcelo's immediate substitute, and the "& # 39; change" could happen

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