Saturday , March 6 2021

Lisca dismisses Cruzeiro and says there are seven “giants” who would make him think of leaving America-MG

With only one round to finish the Brazilian Championship Series B, O America-MG he has a knife and cheese in his hand to be the champion of the national competition.

With 70 points won, the Minas Gerais team has the same score as the Chapecoense and can hold the title even with a defeat to their Santa Catarina rival.

In addition, Coelho was a semifinalist in the Copa Brazil after eliminating giants like international e Corinthians, but only fell into the Palm trees. Surveyed by other clubs in recent months, Lisca said in an interview with Grenal Radio, that there are seven clubs that would make you think about leaving America-MG.

Guilds, Among others, Flamengo, Corinthians, Santos, Sao Paulo, Palm trees, huh? These are the giants of today because, in addition to giving you structure, they pay well, they give you good players and they give you the conditions to do great jobs, ”he said.

One of the clubs that Lisca surveyed in 2020 was the cruise ship. Before hiring Luiz Felipe Scolari, Raposa consulted the rival coach, who at the time refused to leave America-MG.

The coach explained why he did not leave the club to go to his rival, who is looking for a new coach after the five-time champion left.

“No, now they didn’t invite me (from Cruzeiro). I went back to Felipão at that time, he had doubts. So I know I work with Machado (Jorge Machado, Felipão’s own agent), and then there was the “consultation too, but that was it. Now they didn’t invite me. I usually stay in America. I talked to Salum, the president. The invitations for me are still in the emergency zone, to remove suffocating equipment, equipment intermediate and then I will choose to stay in America. “

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