Wednesday , December 8 2021

M. Oliveira explains the option for Dutra and sees rainfall in fan colors


"Time without shame." With these words, Fluminense left the Maracana field after a draw against Sport on Sunday in Maracana. Apathetic performance has created a boos for roles and for individual players individually. Marcelo Oliveira considered the demonstrations "quick" and requested support at this time and against Atletico-PR, for South America.

Marcelo Oliveira disagreed with fans (Photo: MAILSON SANTANA / FLUMINENSE FC.)

Marcelo Oliveira disagreed with fans (Photo: MAILSON SANTANA / FLUMINENSE FC.)

Photo: LANCE!

"I have not heard such colors, I heard that the fans of Fluminense were singing to the end, and in the end, she was unhappy, and sometimes there was a rush in this matter." "In Uruguay, Nacional was eliminated and was not crushed." The crowd sang to the end. achievements and should live with the current football, very fierce for everyone. Support at that moment, and against Atletico-PR, will be very important. "

The escalation appeared on the big screen, and the surprise came together: Everaldo, Luciano … and Junior Dutra. Marcelo Oliveira's option for the Ibanez defense striker and the three-player defense scheme was great news. The coach explained the option and desire to exchange.

– With the emergence of a rubberized, intertwined scheme of three defenders, we chose an offensive formation with Dutro, Luciano, Marcos Jr, Everaldo … Strangers with freedom. We did what we had to do. In the most important, he lacked inspiration. If we scored a goal without attacking a lot, we would talk differently. We need to improve the side players to come with more precision to decide the games

The result also cares about a small fire. Despite having the best chance, he could not achieve – a scenario similar to what happened to Vasco. It is necessary to reverse the draw for Atletico-PR by the South American. The coach sees the match against Sport different from those who came in and complained about the "lack of inspiration" of the team.

– I believe that Atletico-PR will not play as Sport. He fell, made mistakes, and the judge marked an unnecessary mistake. A foul that usually does not give the judges. We have to improve, but it is only better to work this offensive part, the power of decision. In the first half we had the opportunity to focus this victory. He has a merit for Sport, but he has our side that has no greater strength and greater accuracy.


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