Friday , August 12 2022

Maki Lopez is out of the match between Vasco and Atletico-PR


Trying to avoid the fourth outbreak in 10 years, Vasco has a nasty news for Wednesday's match against Atletico-PR. According to FOKS Sports reporters Fabio Azevedo, Maki Lopez was out of the ground for injured foot injury during a Gremio clash on Sunday (11).

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The central forward had a deep cut on the right leg and took 7 points on the spot. Last Monday (12), the Argentinean went to the hospital to confirm the severity of the trauma and passed tests that eliminated suspicion of fracture.

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According to information, Maki may also be out of competition against Corinthians, the next weekend in Sao Paolo.

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The Crossmaltino Medical Department has decided to defend the athletic footprint because the risk of opening points is great. If this happens, a new hollow can not be made, and the recovery time would be longer, taking the edge from the last part of Brasileirao.

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Picture Credit: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco

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