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Mari Palma leaves the Globo Network: "Time to say goodbye" The Day


Rio – Mari Palma renounced the Globe Network. The journalist, who had been with the company for 11 years, announced the departure of the network to Instagram on Wednesday night. The announcement of the departure of Mari is a few days after the resignation of Phelipe Siani, boyfriend of the journalist.

"The badge is worn out because it has a lot of history (even the shirt soccer shirt, river)." This story is exactly 11 years old, finished on July 7. Globo was my first and only work, "Mari wrote to Instagram.

During his visit to Globo, Mari Palma presented the "G1 in 1 Minute", editor of "Bem Estar", a sports journalist and currently a "Mais Você" reporter.

"The news here has always classified my changes as" promotion "or" degradation "," good "or" bad. "Belly, to leave the comfort zone, to risk it, without this, we will never leave of the place. "Now, I guess: it's time to change again. mystery about his new home.

According to "TV News", both Mari Palma and her boyfriend, Phelipe Siani, were projected by CNN Brazil. They had denounced their leaders, but they did not receive any counterfeit.

Phelipe Siani supports the bride

After the announcement of the departure of Mari de Globo, Phelipe Siani paid homage to his girlfriend Instagram. "I do not know how I am proud of this beautiful and brave woman, who accepted me as a life partner, the world is ours, my love," wrote the journalist.

Mari Palma and Phelipe Siani have been together since 2017, but only met in July last year.

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