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Maya says he would not indicate that he was an embassy's son, but that Bolsonaro had "right" politics


The president of the House of Representatives, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), said on Wednesday that he would not appoint a son to the Brazilian ambassador, but added that President Jair Bolsonaro has this "right."

Maia made the statement when she gave an interview to GloboNews. He was asked about the fact that the president of the Republic has already said he wants to indicate the son Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) to the Brazilian ambassador to the United States.

The statement has not yet been formalized, but Bolsonaro says that the decision is already taken. If it is stated, Eduardo Bolsonaro will be subject to a Saturday in the Senate and it will be the decision of the parliamentarians to approve or reject the nomination.

I think if he [Bolsonaro] I understand that the child has the conditions and complies with the Brazilian legislation, it is his right to indicate, "said Maia.

Asked whether to indicate a child in charge, he replied: "I personally do not do it", but my father has already indicated in relation to the government that there are people of quality for the secretariat. You have the conditions to perform the function. Personally, no. "

For Rodrigo Maya, if the child indicates, Bolsonaro will have to pay with "good and effect" the decision. The statement, as it was announced, has been criticized by diplomats, politicians and legal environment.

During the interview with GloboNews, Rodrigo Maia said that he received a message from Bolsonaro through a request. According to Maia, in the message, the president of the Republic said that "I love you, has it already." Maya said that she responded with a heart and with the expression "kkk".

How do ambassadors choose?

The criteria for the selection of heads of permanent diplomatic missions are defined by Law 11.440 / 06. The legislation determines that the ambassadors will be chosen among the first or second class ministers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The only paragraph of article 41 of the law, however, authorizes, exceptionally, to choose people who are not part of the diplomatic career for positions, provided that Brazilians, over 35, are born ", of recognized merit and with relevant services provided to the country. "

Learn about other topics addressed by Rodrigo Maia in the GloboNews interview:

  • Social Security Reform: "I do not say that the president, but a part of the groups that support him most radical in social networks came with this speech." What was the six month speech? Parliament does not let the government work ", which is not true. It is often disturbing the work of parliament, and parliament has given the rally: this is where the reform is approved in the first round and, if you want to, God approves it in the second round and will refer to the Senate. "
  • Inclusion of states to the reform: "My assessment is that the issue of states has two components, two huge obstacles. The first are the two most important problems for the states, which we have seen in the federal reform bill, which is a teacher and an official of Military police, representing 60% of Another question that was also a problem in the House in the first round of voting is the relationship, mainly, of the parliamentarians of the Northeast with the governors. "
  • Decision of Toffoli on Coaf: "Sometimes we generate controversy in a decision taken without understanding the decision taken by the minister. I am sure that President Toffoli made the decision based on the rule of law of Brazil in our Constitution, because he has done so during the Last years. I think it's good to leave a note to clarify and do not have the impression that it has taken the decision to stop all investigations, I doubt that it is the goal of Minister Toffoli. "
  • "Instability" of the government: "I still think that the idea of ​​the government is lacking, I am not taking what I put. I was not the one who was stable, it was Paulo Guedes, but I do not want to go back to this topic. […] Our side is stable, we have the agenda, we have the focus. Whoever creates instability, sometimes, is the Executive Power, which has several agendas and sometimes generates perplexity on the part of society. Not us We have nothing "
  • Political Reform: "I think the following thing: someone has to finance the electoral process. The municipal elections without public financing and without commercial financing, with 200 cities, the rest will have table 2. […] We should return with private financing, limit the value of a conglomerate and a value that each candidate can receive from a conglomerate: no one can receive more than 5% of a conglomerate. Or, suddenly, the hybrid system, making the private system on the edge so it does not have to increase the value of public financing. "
  • Rodrigo Maya also said that he was in favor Petrobras privatization, without giving details.
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