Monday , May 10 2021

Member of "MasterChef Brasil 4", Leo Santos loses more than 78 kg. See before and after!

Leonardo Santos was eliminated in the semi-finals of "MasterChef Brasil 4" and received from Erika Jackuin's offer for employment. Only a year after his elimination, the candidate saw his life's life, and this was not due to the suggestion of a French chef – who is currently preparing to be the father of twins. As he split into his social networks, Leo lost more than 78 pounds after changing eating habits and inserting exercises into his routine. "I started the change that was supposed to be small and she succeeded. I can not complain about the changes that excluded carbohydrates in any way to my body, on the contrary, I only need to thank, not only physical but also mental, that I pushed I take the other steps to adjust some of the things that have still upset me, "he said in a release Thursday.

Low food was associated with routine training

The decision to lose weight came in the New Year's resolution: in August of this year, he reported losing weight by 78 kilograms. Two months later, he exhibited an even slim, muscular body explaining that he was looking for instructions from his personal trainer and nutritionist. "So, in 4 or 5 months, I do not remember for sure, my weight stabilized, I did not fall anymore, I decided to look for a gym, to continue what I already started. I can absolutely say with absolute certainty that the results are much bigger and more obvious , not only aesthetically, but in relation to both the exercise for exercises and the heavy routine From right to left, I with 174 kg (before the start of nutrition), the center already with 4 or 5 months of low carbon, and now with specific control " , said the young man, the goal of racism on the Internet when participating in the program.

"With professionals, the results are better," says Leo

Closing the post, the chef – whose strong personality sparked conflicts in the band's program – is thinking: "That's it, boys, just going to update and say that you are giving the diet to the account, but with the right professionals On her side the results are much better. Dilma said: "There is no goal, when you reach the target, bring down the target."

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