Sunday , October 2 2022

Moro rejects the sending of the National Force to Pará "at the moment"


According to the minister, the men of the National Force are in Ceará and it is necessary to maintain contingent reserves in Brasilia.

The Minister of Justice said last night (16) that "currently" the Minister SI work hard He can not comply with the governor's request Helder Barbalho sending men from the National Force to work in public security Stop.

Previously, Barbalho had met with Moro and reiterated his federal aid application.

The governor's expectation is that at least 200 agents will move to the state since March. But the minister did not set a deadline.

Moro reported that, as the National Force is acting in the security crisis at the Ceará and it is necessary to maintain a reservation fee at Brasilia for possible emergencies, "at this time it would not be possible to respond to the request," informs the G1.

Barbalho said that figures related to public safety place among the most violent in the country Brazil.

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