Thursday , February 25 2021

"Most of Sony's focus on PS5 right now" •

The rumors about the next-generation consoles are constantly increasing, and despite the lack of official information, people in the industry with access to insider information have revealed new details gradually.

One of these people is Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners and Frum Resetera, who recently commented on a topic about Sony's first studies and provided information on the PS5.

Daniel Ahmad, better known as ZhugeEX, said: "Sony has some games to announce (of existing IPs) with PS4 in mind, but I am aware that there have been discussions about how to do these cross-gen / next-gene ".

"In general, most of the Sony studio's first focus is on the PS5 right now – it's still early to talk about the next generation, but I guess we'll hear rumors at GDC."

In another comment, Daniel Ahmad added that "the PS5 kits are already happening and I've heard positive things, but I would not expect any information in the immediate future."

With PlayStation out of E3 2019, a PS5 announcement at the Los Angeles fair is completely out of the question. On the other hand, Microsoft will be present and we may be surprised with its next console.

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