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New HQ of Daredevil causes polymers between fs; readers accuse the translator of references to Bolsonaro


In the original verse, the plates carry the words "Fisk Rules", which would be "Fisk orders" or "governments". (Photo: Reproduction / Folha de S. Paulo)

Volume 17 of the new Headquarters of Daredevil, editor of Panini, is the object of controversy among fans. The passage that illustrates a manifestation of recognition to the recently elected Wilson Fisk, villain of history, divides the opinion of readers into comic book forums on the Internet. In the Brazilian version, some militants erected signs with the words "Fisk Mito", an adjective used by the voters of Jair Bolsonaro to refer to the president.

In the original publication, in English, "Fisk rules" (orders or governments of Fisk) was the phrase contained in the plates.

In a note, Panini denied that the comic was referring to any Brazilian politician. "The editor explains that the translation is appropriate for the term" myth "to refer to someone whom people admire, as is the case with the character of Wilson Fisk," he explains.

The translator of the edition, Paulo Francia, elucidated that he used the "myth" to better illustrate the idolatry that followers have for the character. He also says that the use of "governments", in the usual translation, should not be over with the step.

The plot of the original translation seems to make a much clearer partnership between Donald Trump and Fisk. In the Netflix series, the villain attacks the press getting rid of a lawsuit. It is common to say that journalists try to prove it as a criminal and therefore publish false news. Wilson Fisk says that's because "it challenges the system."

However, it is Fisk himself who spreads the lies. In the comics, Daredevil made superheroes of the Supreme Court recognize the legal system. But the villain wants to criminalize them.

"Impossible not to make an association with the news [das fake news] distributed by WhatsApp [pela campanha de Bolsonaro]"France says." I see parallels, but it's my vision. I did not make any direct reference to any politician in Brazil. "

Despite the criticism of many readers, the translator Fabio Bonilo says he liked the alternative of France. "(The solution) is not lazy. It would only be if the comic was at the beginning of the century, it would be ridiculous to force an association. The translator lives and works in a historical period of which he can not escape."

Understand the story

Daredevil, the heroic version of Matt Murdock, returns to New York to practice the law. As soon as he arrives, he discovers that Wilson Fisk, the king of crime, his enemy archer, was elected mayor of the city.

A friend from Murdock explains to the hero how the villain was elected governor. "The other candidates were the same as always. Fisk seemed different. He launched an independent candidacy, with no partisan affiliation, his tail was not stuck with anyone."

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