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Nissan's shares fall to Tokyo Stock Exchange at 5.45% after Karlos Ghosn's arrest – 20.11.2013


(Updates with bag closing data).

Japanese Motors' shares in Nissan Motors closed at 5.45% on Tuesday after the arrest of its President and CEO of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Brazilian Carlos Ghosn, for alleged fiscal irregularities.

Its oil price today fell to 950.7 yen, although it reached 940 yen, 6.5% lower than the end of the previous session.

The price of a Japanese car was suspended in the first few minutes of trading due to the large number of bids for sale.

The stock market of Japanese car makers came after he was arrested yesterday for alleged violations of the law on financial instruments in the country, which will lead to the departure of the president of the group for the time being, a move to be confirmed on Thursday.

Japanese Mitsubishi Motors, where Ghosn is in the post of chairman of the board, issued a statement stating that "since bad behavior is related to the problem of corporate governance," he will propose to the board a position.

The car added that it will open its own internal investigation to find out if Ghosn is "involved in similarly bad behavior" within the company.

Mitsubishia shares also fell on the market today at 6.85%, after falling 7.8%.

Ghosn, 64, would not have told the Tokyo Stock Exchange a total of 5 billion yen ($ 44.4 million) of his income over the past five years, the Japanese news agency Kiodo reported. a company that has not offered details at this time because it was an open investigation.

In addition to French-Brazilian businessmen, with managerial connections with Nissan for nearly two decades, Greg Kelli, another executive in the group, is also involved in irregularities.

Nissan's and Mitsubishi's downturn at the Tokyo Stock Exchange followed a low rate of 8.43% by the Renault group in Paris.

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