Wednesday , May 12 2021

Now for the holiday there is congestion and slowness on highways SP

Whoever follows the trip on Thursday, 15, during the proclamation of the Republican holiday, are confronted with congestions on the main highways of Sao Paolo to the coast, the interior and other countries. The descent to the Sao Paulo coast passes through the Imigrantes, in the following areas: from km 23 to km 32 and from km 36 to km 44. The Anchieta highway has a large part of the congestion, from km 22 to km 33, due to the excess of the vehicle.

The other highways that go to the north coast also face the problems of too many cars. In Osvaldo Cruz, towards the beaches of Ubatuba, the traffic is intense with slopes in the mountains (km 78 to 86), according to the Department of Roads and Highways (DER).

The same situation occurs on the Mogi-Bertioga route, which also has tilting points in the mountain range between the following regions: km 58 and 65 and km 70 and 80. In Rio-Santos, there is slowness only in part of Guaruja to Sebastião, between km 217 and 214.

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