Tuesday , July 27 2021

Nurse Sílvio Luiz is no longer Pallottine’s health secretary

Nurse Silvio Luiz de Souza left Pallottine’s post as municipal health secretary on Friday (30). Silvio masterfully performed the function, supporting and implementing various actions in order to offer Pallottines access to a quality unified health system (SUS).

Together with the Health Coordinator, Nissandra Karsten and all the staff of the secretariat, Silvio played a decisive role in the release of the 10 beds from the ICU to the Mayor of the Quinto Abrão Delazeri Municipal Hospital. “I am eternally grateful to my late wife, who has always given me support and encouragement. Mayor Luiz Ernesto de Giacometti for the invitation and all those responsible for the welcome and the staff, especially the employees of the Department of Health. one plan is God. make another. May God always bless and protect us. ” Silvio Luiz lost his wife, Valdelice, in March to Covid-19.

He began dedicating himself to his family, his daughter and the Lunox company, founded in 1993 by Silvio and Valdelice. Silvio emphasizes that he will continue with voluntary actions. Commitment that he and his wife always had with the poorest in the city and the region.

Nurse Edivaldo Bertho will take over as Pallottine’s health secretary. Edivaldo was a candidate for councilor in the last election, becoming the first alternate member of the Liberal Party – PL. He is also a member of civil servants, as a nurse in the district of São Camilo.

Source: Correio do Ar with Marcelo Silva

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