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Figueirense wins Avaí. Photo by Diorgenes Pandini
Figueirense wins Avaí to Scarpelli

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Without pretenses, the attempt by Patrick solved the game. In an isolated throw, in a weak shot, but who deflected and cheated goalkeeper Avaí, the novice Gledson. It was not a well-done match, but it was very controversial. With classical face. Avaí had more game with the ball at his feet, working well next to the field, mainly on the left. It lacked efficiency, whim and endings. There was an attack on the Geninho team.

Getúlio, Daniel Amorim and Jones Carioca were clarified in the match. The biggest opportunity was at the end of the first half, with Daniel Amorim, but Kauê made saving savings. But it was little for a well-structured Avai who is expected to have a lot of strength to enforce. We waited much more.


The Figueirense fought more for the result. I deserve to win. The team had a great tactical application. Even in some games, he was struck and surrounded by the side of the field, but there was always a foot or a saddle. And this has been the tonic of the team that won four in four in the competition. The highlight is the defensive line, well structured, with the control of the Zé Antonio steering wheel in front of them.

At the head there is still a lot to develop. Between options and combinations. The double of the ship owners was a good balcony, but in reality it worked little. Betinho and Patrick appeared individually but made few combinations. It is important to note that it was the first match with this training. At the moment, what is valid is work well developed in the collective sense.


Lateral Kauê was elected in CBN Diario, the game's game. He is one of the youngsters of Hemerson Maria's team. In fact, he improves on the right side, because his position at the base was flying. He is learning to play and he was very good. The marking was implacable. Getúlio could not be created on him. Beyond him, Betinho had the usual quality and ordered the ball to go alvinegra with good passes.

In Avaí, the highlights were negative. Pedro Castro and Matheus Barbosa were very poor in the construction of the plays. Barbosa left the team in a bad state after the expulsion. João Paulo was the one who tried to play and create. In addition Igor Fernandes did a good first part, appearing quite in the attack.


I am not in agreement with most of my colleagues in CBN Diary. I did not consider a penalty in the final game of the match. There is a clash between the two players, Matheus Destro and Alex Silva, in a ball that is divided and advanced. Both run to arrive before and there is the shock between the two and not the lack of a marker in a player that has the ball dominated. Destro is even trying to pick up to avoid the shock, but it is inevitable because the two were in speed. In addition, Rodrigo D 'Alonso Ferreira's arbitration was correct, with good behavior of a game that is very difficult.

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