Saturday , April 17 2021

Otimism as a government made handbag dating janeiro as high 10.8%

Packed with otimism as the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, the stock market closed the month of janeiro as high as 10.8%.

The Brazilian stock market managed to minimize the weight of the miner Okay I'm afraid of the market and dated the month of Janeiro I am high 10.8%, embroidered otimism with the new government, the perspective of reform of the Previdence and also it is better at abroad.

The dollar, too, recalls what 6% this first month of 2019.

"Certainly it was a good result for a complicated and booming august for the year 2019," he wrote Álvaro Bandeira, economist-chef of Modalmais, to clients.

Janeiro was also marked by the increase in the financial volume of the stock market. The middle is from R $ 16.7 billion, only lower than the one registered in October of the past year and superior to the daily average turn of 2018.

And, as of January 29, it is possible to see a return movement of foreign investors, who withdrew resources from the Brazilian Stock Exchange in the last three months of last year, informs "Gazeta do Povo."

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