Sunday , April 11 2021

Paraná: STJ orders to release the former governor Beto Richa

The minister João Otávio de Noronha, of the High Court of Justice (STJ), determined the release of the former governor of Paraná Beto Richa (PSDB). He has been in preventive custody since Friday (25), under Operation Integration.

In the same decision – a mandate in the call to Habeas Corpus (RHC) 107.701 -, the president of the STJ issued an order of sure in favor of Beto Richa and his brother José Richa Filho so that they can not be jailed in the context of Operation Integration ", unless it is demonstrated, in particular, the presence of some of the reasons admitted by the procedural legislation for the promulgation of this measure.

"We have not shown anything specific that justifies the need to protect criminal investigation and, therefore, justify the preventive order," Noronha said.

In September last year, when Beto Richa was arrested for Operation Patrulha Radio, Tucano also benefitted from a "safe conduct" signed by the Minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) ) Gilmar Mendes. There were only four days left in prison. However, the STF's security did not prevent Tucano from being arrested again, on Friday (25).

The Federal Federal Prosecutor (MPF) argued that prosecutor Dirceu Pupo Ferreira, also arrested on Friday (25), attempted to influence witnesses in the investigation asking the arrest of Tucuman to federal judge Paulo Sérgio Ribeiro, of the 23rd Curitiba Criminal Court. .

Pupo was responsible for the administration of Ocaporã Administradora de Bens, a company of the Richa family. In the narration of the MPF, the company would have used to clean the tip that Tucano would receive from businessmen connected to toll dealers.

"It observes that, at all times, there was no correlation between Carlos Alberto Richa and the alleged attempt to change / influence the testimony of the witness Carlos Augusto Albertini. On the contrary, the decree of preventive detention was necessary to take responsibility to Dirceu Pupo Ferreira as an influential agent … In fact, at no time was the performance of Carlos Alberto Richa aimed at influencing witnesses, corrupting the evidence or preventing proceedings, "the minister wrote .

Old facts

The minister also cited the extracts from the decree of the prison that mentioned the acts allegedly practiced by Tucuman in the years 2011 and 2012. The situation in fact, according to the president of the STJ, has changed completely. "The facts go back more than seven years and, in addition, the reality is different, there was resignation of the elective position, submission to new electoral affair and defeat in the elections. That is to say, what could justify the maintenance of Public order – recent events and dissuasive power – does not come true. "

The integration of the operation makes the payment of bribes under contracts of concession of freeways. Until now, Beto Richa has already been subject to two charges: he is charged with crimes of passive corruption, criminal organization and money laundering. Pepe Richa was also accused of criminal organization and passive corruption.

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