Friday , May 14 2021

Police sent three people to the cars of the killer Maria, says TV – Nacional

Three people, and two like the police initially believed, were in the car where the shootings that killed Mayor Marielle Franco (PSOL) and driver Anderson Gomes on the night of March 14, claim TV Globo, who had access to an investigation into the investigation about executions. The document has thousands of pages, but a few conclusions.

In the document, Civil Police Rio registers the presence of a person next to the driver of the Mariella killer car. At first it was believed that only one person was in the back seat. However, the camera set on the road where Algiers passed a few minutes before she was killed, caught a picture of the front of a sniper car that could detect the presence of someone on the highway.

The windows of the vehicle are covered with a dark film that has made it difficult to identify passengers. But with technological resources, it was possible to determine the presence of this third person.

In the investigation, the Murder Unit continued to conclude that the car used in the crime, the Cobalt brand, was prepared for murder. A more detailed analysis of the cloned vehicle showed that the black handles are rare and that the window shape does not coincide with those other cars of the same type.

The police also found that nine ammunition was used, eight were Brazilian, and one was Colombian. City councilor Marcelo Siciliano (PHS) and former Prime Minister Orlando Curicic are still treated as the main suspects.

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