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Remember it? Elaine, No Limit champion returns to Globe 18 years later


Do you remember Elaine Melo, great champion There are no limits, which is considered one of the precursors Realize shovs in Brazil in 2000? She participated in the program The best years of our lives which was broadcast on Thursday evening, 15.

Among the countless tests that included courage and endurance, Elaine, who was then 35 years old and currently 53, spoke of the fact that she was underestimated by the public because she was "fat" then and made an analysis of her participation in the program.

The performance was originally shown in the period from July 23 to September 10, 2000. Two more seasons were successfully completed next year. In 2009, the attraction returned to the network of the publisher in a new edition, without any success.

Elaine 2018, almost two decades after winning the No Limit on the scene

Elaine 2018, almost two decades after winning No Limit on the "Best Year of Our Life" scene.

Photo: Reproduction "The Best of Our Lives" (2000) / TV Globo / Contents Contents

"The biggest growth is inside, you end up taking part in something that deprives you so much: the coexistence of those you love, life here, everything that happens.

Elaine on call

Elaine on the call "Without Borders".

Photo: Reproduction & # 39; No Limit & # 39; (2000) / TV Globo / Contents Contents

According to her, the reality shows are so successful because of the "curiosity" that the public has.

Elaine during her participation in the program

Elaine during her participation in the program "No Limit"

Photo: The Game "No Limit" (2000) TV Globo / Contents Contents

Zeca Camargo, who presented the program at the time, also recalled success There are no limits: "It was completely new for us, there was shooting in isolation, I did not know anything, the program was quick and we did not know anything, we were surprised, I had no idea how big the maniac was, the euphoria of the crowd."

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