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Revenue is now paid sixth part of income tax return 2018

To find out if you will pay this time, go to the Revenue page, app or call Recipephone


November 16, 2018, 06h00

Sao Paulo – A Federal Revenue Service he paid a sixth batch on Friday (16) Return I love Income tax 2018. Lot also includes residual refunds from 2008 to 2017.

At this stage, 1,142,680 taxpayers receive a payment in the total amount of 1.9 billion reais. According to the law, people who are over 60 years of age or with any physical disability, mental disability or severe illness are included in this series.

In order to determine whether it is envisaged, the taxpayer must access Website revenue paget the application or call Receitafone at 146.

If a taxpayer is included in the sixth market but does not receive payment on another lottery, to personally contact any branch of Banco do Brasil or call the Service Center by phone 4004-0001 (in main numbers), 0800-729-0001 (in other locations) and 0800-729-0088 (for hearing only).

In this case, the taxpayer may allocate a current account or savings account, on his behalf, to any bank.

Refund money available in a year. Those who do not make redemption in this period must re-search it on the website of the Revenue via an electronic form – Request for a refund or directly to the e-CAC portal, at the DIRPF Processing Ectract service.


On the revenue websitei it is possible to access statement statements and see if there are inconsistencies data identified by the Revenue. If so, the taxpayer can assess inconsistencies and regulate their situation by providing a correction statement.

It is possible to correct income tax at any time. Here's how to correct your tax return on revenue from 2018.

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