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Roman "Time is not for": Agnese's mistrust alone


Novel "Time is not": Marokas (Juliana Paiva) reveals to Samoux (Nicolas Prattes) that he was working on tests and someone is trying to take his life with some kind of poison. Samuca says: "I'll find out who does this! This person must go to jail! … I'll find that coward … This guy is dangerous … There's a killer next to us!"

Marokas reports: "Everything now makes sense. My dizziness, my faintness … Attacks on weakness." Samuca concludes that the criminal in Sabino Machado Castle: "The impact of this poison that you took without knowledge. It's a nightmare … Horror movie Someone who could connect this shit into his food and drink, without raising doubts. Someone runs in your house, coming from the kitchen. "

Samus and Morocco are mistaken by host Agnese (Beatriz Campos). Marokas wanted to examine her. In the meantime, Lucius (John Baldasserini) warns the housewife and tells her to run away. The scene is scheduled for December, in "Time is not for".

Summary "Time is not for": the next chapters of the novel

Synopsis "Time is not in the plan": For years of advancement and discovery that shaped the customs, habits and languages ​​of modern society, it will strike a shock in the wealthy nineteenth-century family that wakes up in the 21st century. During the sixties, Sabino Machado and his household were frozen in the ice as life passed. Now he will wake up in a pulsating and turbulent Sao Paolo and will come to society in mid-2018. Tempo Para Para, a new novel of 7, was written by Mario Teikeira and has the artistic direction of Leonardo Nogueire.


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