Thursday , June 30 2022

Rosa Weber sends PGR a request to investigate Alcolumbre for delay in scheduling a meeting in Mendonça | Politics


Judge Rosa Weber, of the Supreme Federal Court (STF), sent this Friday (15) to the Attorney General’s Office a request for an investigation by the chairman of the Senate and Constitution and Justice Committee, Davi Alcolumbre (DEM-AP), for delay in the programming of the hearing of André Mendonça, appointed to the court.

The minister’s decision comes after the Supreme Court was sued by a lawyer questioning Alcohol’s conduct.

The election of Mendonça to occupy the seat of the retired minister Marco Aurélio Mello was made official by Bolsonaro on July 13, but so far the hearing is not planned. Bolsonaro and his allies have accused Alcolumbre of setting a date.

The Constitution requires that the candidate for the Supreme Court pass a hearing and the approval of the CCJ and also of the full Senate.

In the lawsuit, the lawyer calls for Alcolumbre to be removed from the presidency of the CCJ in view of the evidence of crimes of responsibility, religious discrimination and against the democratic rule of law.

Rosa Weber stated that it is up to the PGR to assess whether there are elements that justify the investigation of Alcolumbre’s conduct, as the senator has privileged jurisdiction in the Court. Sending the news-crime in such cases is common in the Supreme Court.

“I order the opening of the case to the Attorney General’s Office, which is responsible for forming the criminal opinion in fact within the jurisdiction of this Supreme Court, to be manifested within the legal deadline,” the minister wrote.

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