Wednesday , September 28 2022

Sabrina Sato shows behind the scene of the last part of the gestation


Sabrina Sato shows behind the scene of the last part of the pregnancy - Reproduction / Instagram

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The gestation of Sabrine Sato ends. The housewife, who is expecting her first successor, Zoe, as a result of her relationship with Duda Nagle, has been nine months old. On Saturday (17), from 23h15, another edition of its program will be recorded on Record TV.

In the midst of thousands of attractions, the Sabrina program will entertain audiences with many new features, beyond entertainment. Everything will begin during Make and Transformation, a trick that always ends in confusion.

But what makes a big deal on the Internet is the reality of a pregnancy Diary, which will have a screening of its fifth episode where Mom will show the bones of the last part of pregnancy.

Among the instructors' duties will be moving to their new apartment and just Vera Viel, wife Rodrigo Faro. For such a hectic routine, there is energy for nine months.

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