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Susana Vieira talks about fighting cancer in an interview – Fun


Actress Susana Vieira, 76, is shown in the release of this section
Sunday (18) "Fantastico", by Rede Globo. In an interview for
Lecturer Polyan Abritta, Susan talks about leukemia with which she faced three

According to columnist Patricia Kogut, the list "O
Globo, "Susana talks about what she was thinking for the first time to discover
diseases. "The first thing I asked the doctor is when
die, "said the actress.

As far as Kogut is concerned, Susanna also said she had
of normal life and plans to return to the production of soap in 2019. His last
participation in Globo was in 2017, in the series "Dias Dias Eram Assim".

Information on the disease was discovered by Leo Dias,
representative of Fofocalizanda, SBT, and confirmed by representatives
actress on Monday (12). "The data is correct, yes, but it's not something
Recently, there are several years, "said the consultant.

According to Dias, the actress would uncover the disease during
shooting Domingao to Faustao on Saturday (10). The program will turn on
January. Susana Vieira is also one of the respondents of the new season
"Ladi Night", presented by Tata Verneck at Multishov.

In December, the actress was hospitalized after a long flight
on venous thromboembolism – the car found in deep veins – and that's it
treated with physiotherapy and anticoagulants.

Leukemia is a cancer that occurs in the bone marrow, where it is
they formed blood cells. The disease causes the accumulation of abnormal cells
and makes it difficult to produce white and red platelets and blood cells.

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