Sunday , August 14 2022

The city hall paid $ 2.5 million for a new mapping of risk areas that had been delayed for at least a year


In 2016, the Niteroi municipality arranged a mapping map of risk areas in the Niteroi municipality, which delayed at least a year and two months. Work – who could identify the risk in the Boe Esperance community in Piratin, Niteroi – about $ 2.5 million. Last Saturday, 15 people died after sliding a stone that hit eight houses.

Mapping was agreed in June 2016 and the ending is expected in February 2017. However, in April 2018, the city of Niteroi reported that it is still in the final stage. In this way, there were at least two suspension contracts. Press service adviser Taliria Petrone (PSOL) said the study has not been completed so far.

The report heard the Citi Hall of Niteroi on Sunday morning at 10 am to confirm that this job had already been delivered. However, no response was received until this report was published. At a press conference, Mayor Rodrigo Neves (PDT) said that "the only study was conducted in 2012," before he was selected, and did not mention the mapping he had contracted and paid for his administration.

– This tragedy has occurred in the area of ​​low predictability, there is no study (pointing to risk). The only study was conducted in 2012 and pointed to 42 high risk areas in Niteroi, and this area did not show up, Neves said.

Delays occurred at the outset because of the termination of the contracts that were made by the municipality itself. Two months after the signing of the contract, Urbanization and Rehabilitation of Town Houses (Emus) lists the lack of budget allocation and determines the termination of the service. The papers returned in January 2017, but were paralyzed in April for "administrative reasons," according to a letter that received a report that does not clarify the reasons better. The continuation took place in August last year. The initial forecast was that the service would be completed by November 2017. However, this did not happen.

The company responsible for the contract is Thalveg Consultoria e Projetos Geologicos. According to the Niteroi City Transparency Portal, it received $ 1.56 million in 2016 and $ 922 thousand in 2017. Also, according to the website, the agreement on the implementation of the Risk Mapping Plan in the municipality of Niteroi is the only company that has a company in a city house.

– Niteroi is a city that has a very inconspicuous relaxation, where many residents live on slopes. Areas are eroded and the city grows in an unregulated way. Accordingly, mapping must be constantly updated – said deputy Flavio Serafini (PSOL), who sent several requests for information on the plan: – Since the beginning of the year we contacted the Ministry of Public Information and the City Administration Niteroi is looking for works. And the city always answered that it was waiting for the risk plan to be completed. That's why we decided to ask for a plan and she said she was not ready. The prediction they gave us was February that year.

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