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The "factor conjugation" that Botafogo pulled from the limb and led to sleep


Four games. Five goals scored and only one received. The recent evolution of Botafogo has made the team abandon the threat to the vicinity of the fallout zone to live a dream-still dream-to play Copa Libertadores of America. There is still a long way to go. Alvinegro's own success and the results of other teams. But Glorioso is excited by the fans, and Ze Ricardo himself explains it as "factor conjugation".

The winning sequence changed the perspective of Botafogo at the end of the Brazilian championship (Celso Pupo / FotoArena)

The winning sequence changed the perspective of Botafogo at the end of the Brazilian championship (Celso Pupo / FotoArena)

Photo: LANCE!

It's impossible not to link recent performance to regain the trust of the team. And this trust was embodied in the return of Gatit Fernandez, just against Corinthian, the first victim of the positive Gloriosa sequence. After six months of absent a dramatic recovery of the fracture, the end of the game had a Paraguayan hero.

A difficult relationship between the crowd and the board in 2018 had a break. Ticket prices for the three latest home games were reduced, the stands were getting good fans and gurgling players. Nilton Santos Stadium hosted 75% of the last 12 points won by Botafogo. In addition, managers also regulated the payment of players and players.

Finally, the tactical ideas of Ze Ricard combined with the good technical moment of the players. At least against the International, more against Chapecoense, it was possible to see a safe team in the marking and transition cadences. Therefore, with three months of work, the coach makes a team game in the way that Flamengo and Vasco have already grasped.

– Attributing the income of individual athletes. With them growing, the collectivity also grows. We made games without good results, but we organized. When we are organized and come to victory individually and confidence is increasing. We are looking for a victory in all four games. I attribute several factors, and only to athletes, especially – understands the coach.

And the last three victories have unfortunate coincidence. Flyer Jean could play against Corinthians, but felt the same injury in the left thigh that had already pulled him out of the action and since then he misses the middle of the pitch Botafogo. That moment, according to Ze Ricardo himself, was also crucial.

– When we lost Jean, our player with more power to mark, I said that everyone should give more. See Lindoso, Matheus, Luiz Fernando, Valencia. Donation … almost impeccable duo, Marcinho, Moses came well, prepared when we lost Gilson. The merit is collective, no doubt – the coach is understood.


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