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The famous actress Globo reveals the pregnancy and the surprise to use wheelchairs

Thavyne Ferrari, former actress Mirim da Globo (Photo: Assembly / TV Focus)

Thavyne Ferrari debuted for the public at Balloon When I was 10 years old at Yellow Flapper, her character was the Pop Patty doll. Since then they have spent years and are pregnant with their first child. Henrique is the fruit of his love and Danilo Espindola.

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The old actress interviewed journalist Patricia Kogut of the newspaper O Globo, to speak of this great news. "I was not planning". I just reformed my room at my mother's house when I discovered that I was pregnant. It was a great scare. We got married, but not until the end of this year. We have decided to anticipate ourselves and now we finish the final preparations for the arrival of our son. We made the baby shower and the work in the small room was over. You just need to clean it. We are anxious ", he said.

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There is something that worries Thavyne who has such severe pains in the hip area that there are times when he can not walk and have to use the wheelchair. Because it is dangerous to have x-rays and scans at the beginning, Thavyne and Danilo will have to wait to find out the reason for the many pains. It will be fine! We are in the crowd.

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Even in this interview, Thavyne Ferrari says that since his latest novel by Globe that was Love to life, Walcyr Carrasco, nine novels, he needed to change his ways. "I have done other courses, but I have never enjoyed them. It's hard to be interested in something when I spent my life working in another area. I have been acting since age 4. But I need a plan B and I ended up falling in love with biomedicine. I had to close because I could not go through pregnancy ", he said.

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Thavyne Ferrari at the Pica Pau Amarelo site (Photo: Reproduction / Globe)

However, her career as an actress is not completely ruled out: "I miss you very much. They have been acting for 20 years. I had lived alone in Rio since age 16. I went back to São Paulo because my mother had a serious kidney problem. She had to undergo six queries and He was even at risk of death. Now it's fine. If I have the opportunity, I will return, without a doubt ", he concluded.

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Here's how it is today:

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? Another year is over and we are together. More mature, growing. Make more plans together and build our family, brick brick. When it arrived at 00h, I realized that it was for me, for me and for us for us. ?? I would not have imagined that 2018 would generate so many changes. We stopped being 2, we only made 1 and we returned 3. All this year! We face difficulties and miracles. But at no time did God forget us. On the contrary, it just surprised us. And in 2019 he will do everything. But it will be awesome! As you say, it will be the year of the conquest. The year of our family! Our love will increase. Multiply and what comes will be a consequence. ? Thank you 2018, for this wonderful year, but with fear. Thank God, for all that the Lord has been operating in our lives. Thank you, my love, for the best gift in the world. And thank you for not leaving me. You can see 2019! ? WITH ALL! We are ready! ✨ # tchau2019 # reveillon2019 ? #felizanonovo ? #vemhenrique ? # vemmarço # family # todoamopranós # nodes3 ?

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