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The five hardest Sekiro heads: Shadows Die Twice


Sekiro: Shadows Die Double is a challenging game by nature (yes, even considering that a speedrunner managed to finish the game in less than an hour). If the player doubts, it is possible to die to a simple archer, or even to the Gallic giants.

However, the main challenges of the latest title from FromSoftware are the own bosses. These opponents vary in size and appearance, but they do not stop marking the memory of who the game plays. There are confrontations that can be won in a first attempt, but the score lists of others can not be easily understood, which requires the player to invest more time in the game.

Next, we list the five hardest Sekiro heads: Shadows Die Twice: those who offer struggles whose consequences can range from the appearance of white hair to the player until the decision to deactivate the platform to play:

Genichiro Ashina / Tomoe's Way

This is one of the first duels in several stages, which can leave the player without terrain. Against Genichiro Ashina for the first time after Wolf loses his arm – and with two bars of life, the cliff behaves very aggressively. With a lot of patience to study your blows, you will have to be equally aggressive, without opening gaps for him to hit you.

Genichiro Ashina

However, he can be bewildered after defeating him while removing the armor and taking the form of "Tomoe's Way." In this second part of the confrontation, Genichiro preserves many of the blows used previously, but begins to use electric strikes, invoking beams from the sky, which can be returned; Probably, these counterattacks will be your best strategy to defeat him, since the coup leaves the character immobilized for a while, allowing him to attack him.

Genichiro Ashina / Tomoe's Way

Essentially, Genichiro Ashina is quite difficult to defeat because it takes a while before learning the right time to hit, block and what are the sequences of "surprise" attacks. With aggressive behavior, the character has long for the player to think, or even sanitize, while firing an arrow at the first sign of use of the healing cure. However, only patience, spiritual peace and cold blood are sufficient to study how to do it and then apply the acquired knowledge in combat.

Monkey Guardian and companion

After the first encounter with the Guardian monkey, in which you take your head and then kill him, there is another possibility to deal with the enemy. Although the attacks of this adversary remain the same as the first time the wolf faces him, he still needs to be very careful about his reach, as he often lands in his direction with the his sword pushed.

The most important difference is that the Guardian monkey has an additional cry besides applying the state of Terror to the Wolf. The new shout convenes the couple of the opponent's monkey and, suddenly, you are faced with two enemies at the same time.

The advice is that you concentrate in a sun, preferably in the female, since it only has a life bar and a brittle posture, which can easily be broken by the time the wolf is applied to the fatal blow. It is worth emphasizing that, while focusing on one, the other monkeys will try to attack you, so you need to have a lot of attention and skill to finish this fight.

Isshin Ashina (Shura)

Isshin Ashina can be the final leader of two finals, but in the Shura version, shorter and considered "bad", this opponent presents some differentials that make it difficult. He faces him shortly after a duel against Emma, ​​who is not an extremely difficult boss, but can sacrifice some uses of healing cure and spiritual shelters. In fact, the first stage of the fight against Isshin is very similar to that of Emma, ​​since there are similar blows, arranged in different ways.

The fight takes place in the same place where it is for the first time with Genichiro: the top of Ashina's castle. You may be familiar with the space, at least until Isshin presents a series of strong blows that transform the experience in the environment.

In the second step, you can set fire to the pavilion if you do not interrupt it with the Shinobi Bombinhas. The aggression of Isshin seems to increase as his life is taken. In the last stage, it has a powerful attack that starts with a "grunido": once you feel it, use the Shinobi Bombinhas and you can have the advantage.

However, do not neglect it. Changes in the largest sword contribute a high percentage of damage and moves rapidly. It should not be underestimated, however much you think you are ahead of the life stroke.

Hell devil

Cold blood is needed to face the burning flames of the secret head of the devil. Although he is an optional opponent, he is one of the best masochistic players who do not stop looking for a challenge. The enemy has extremely aggressive behaviors and blows from near and far.

Adding it to three lives, that is, it is necessary to give three fatalities: the difficulty becomes even bigger. The hell devil also changes the list of attacks as time goes by, so he must be aware of each time he takes one of his lives. For example, in the last bar of life, the opponent begins to create giant fire circles, which require that the player enters (and is limited to the enemy) or that moves (which interferes with the vision).

In this last step, it also begins to summon some fireballs that pursue Sekiro and that require it to run continuously to the left or to the right. To face this, the devil must be started, either by running or using the hook finally. However, you also need to know the right time to take a step back and allow time to end so that the fury of the consecutive strike ends so you can continue. Do not make a mistake: a mere trampoline of this opponent applies a colossal damage to the life of the wolf.

Saint Sword Isshin Ashina (Immortal Severance)

Saint Sword Isshin Ashina is one of the most attractive heads to face Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Although the character of the immortal final separation has several weapons and extensive abilities, here is a feeling of equal struggle. The player's failures are exclusively yours, not because you are facing an opponent four or five times greater than you. It is a duel between two powerful swordsmen: Wolf controls and an intelligent computer that control Isshin to the fullest extent of its potential. This makes the combat more epic than the Divine Dragoon itself.

In addition to the fight against Saint Sword Isshin Ashina, after a clash against Genichiro Ashina Way of Tomoe, this last pivot has three bars of life and a considerably strong stance. The behavior of this enemy has a very aggressive profile and the reach of the spear used by him goes round the ridiculous. Sometimes he even uses a firearm. However, it is possible to overcome all these "disadvantages" – after all, if not, nobody would end up with the game.

Mobility and precaution are essential in this fight, which requires that you stay away from Isshin for a long time, approaching and hitting it only when you know that there is room. An attack can be enough to turn the ruin into success.

Honorable mention

The Blazing Bull can be one of the game's most boring game bosses, as it behaves in a very different way to the one that faced up to that point. Although it appears shortly after head Gyoubu, which represents a "execution of Shinobi", it is possible that the uncontrolled beast is more difficult to deal with. This is because the technique of taking care of yourself and moving away is not worth the Flaming Bull, but you must change the way you played until then. Correct Wolf and only the dodge or the jump will not guarantee that it goes unharmed. And there's no way to block it.

It is contraintuitive to jump over a big and aggressive creature (especially after facing other enemies in a technical and precise way, blocking and counterattacking), but it is the best way to defeat it. The Bombinhas of Shinobi are immensely useful in this fight, but using them can place the player in a dangerous position, since the loaded version is usually slower than the Taurus attack.

It's worth noting that there is another version of the Blazing Bull named Taurus Sakura from the Palau, but once you learn to fight Flaming, the new challenge becomes considerably smaller.

There are several other heads in Sekiro that are not necessarily difficult, but they need intelligence and patience on the part of the player. The screen monks, for example, are a memorable puzzle, although the combat itself is very simple. And in Sekiro there are also other really tough heads that also require a lot of skill and skill, as fighting is exhausting and frenetic.

To get more information about the game, take a look at the full and free spoiler review of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which describes it as an improvement in the quality of "soulsborne", while retaining the # 39; essence that fans love a lot, but opening doors so they want to give an opportunity to the formula. "

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