Monday , September 26 2022

The Ministry of Health should recruit doctors in November – News


The Ministry of Health announced that it will hold a meeting on Friday (16) Pan (Pan American Health Organization) to define the exit of Cuban doctors from the More Doctors program and the entry of Brazilian professionals who will be chosen by public call at the first call in November and the presence of municipalities immediately after the election.

The meeting will finish the proposal a edict to choose professionals for 8,332 places that Cuban doctors will leave. Next week, the details of the selection and the call for applications must be posted.

Government Cuba published a breakdown this week unilateral participation in the Mas Doctores program. The reason for the decision was the president's declaration to select Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) with critics in the program created in the management of PT.

After breakfast with the navy commander, Eduardo Bacellar, on Friday, Bolsonaro they examined the human rights of Cuban doctors who would receive 30% of the salary. He also said that anyone seeking asylum can remain in the country.

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