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The president is on our side, says the truck leader: Business Season


Strike of truck drivers in protest against the increase in diesel oil (Photo: EFE / Joédson Alves)

One of the main leaders of truck drivers, Wallace Landim el Chorão, called on Thursday afternoon an adviser to the Minister of the Council of Ministers, Onyx Lorenzoni, to complain about the rise in the price of diesel fuel. In this contact, he was told that the complaint would be brought to President Jair Bolsonaro by Onyx and the Minister of the General Secretary of the Presidency, Floriano Peixoto. Petrobras' withdrawal from rising fuel prices was announced at night. "This shows that, again, the president is on our side," he said.

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For the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo, Wallace said he has had contact with members of the Civil House since last month, when he took claims from the category. The period in which the dialogue between truckers and the civil home began in March coincides with the time the Office of Institutional Security (GSI) began to monitor more closely the risks of a new strike the category.

The government wants to prevent a new strike from having the same proportions as in May 2018. At that time, the fuse was precisely the price of diesel fuel. The assessment of a government member is that truck drivers "knew their strength" in the last strike and now have a greater negotiating power.

On the possibility of a new strike, Wallace said that the whole category is "suffering" and "unsatisfied." "This has gone a long way, so much so that we had to stop last year," said Chorão. In the Civil House, the leader of the truck drivers demanded the fulfillment of the minimum transport ground, the working day and the provision of suitable stop points, as well as a change in the Petrobras price policy. Wallace Landim congratulated the government's initiative to create the truck card about two weeks ago, but said "it does not solve the problem at 100%."

Wallace recalled that the category served the campaign of Jair Bolsonaro. "It's a compromise with the category," he said. The leader of the truckers said that the adviser of the Civil House made it clear that the category "always will have the respect and the immediate responses" of the government. "We know that it is not a very easy situation, there's a lot of lead coming out, you can be sure, because if it interferes with Petrobras's price policy," said Chorão. The information is from the newspaper The state of S. Paulo.

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