Friday , February 26 2021

The Seventh Guardian: Light discovers the great secret of the source

According to the magazine TV Guide, in the next chapter of The Seventh Guardian, the current novel of 21h of the Globe, Luz (Marina Ruy Barbosa) has to discover the whole truth, about the secret that surrounds the mysterious source of Serro Azul .

After much trying, the protagonist of the book should have, in his hands, the secret book of the guardians. It is precisely in this reading that she also has to understand everything that is happening in the life of her beloved, Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso), who is the guardian of the source and can not engage with anyone.

In spite of being in great danger, having discovered such an important secret, Luz decides to speak with the son of Valentina (Lilia Cabral), mainly to know if there is not an opportunity for the couple to live their great love.

Completely dizzy, especially because he knows that as a guardian, he must punish his beloved, because he has discovered a secret, the protagonist decides to request the help of Leon (Eduardo Moscovis) and Sosthenes (Marcos Caruso), who, nevertheless You have your life at risk.

And now, what will happen?

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