Tuesday , March 9 2021

The sister of Ana Hickmann shows images of the son with a sore lip: "Common and normal"

Ana Hickmann clicks on nephew and praises

Married 20 years ago with Alexandre Corrêa, with whom Alexandre Jr., 4 years old, for those who had a tattoo in the rib region, Ana Hickmann did not resist the beauty of her nephew. Owner of the products that bear their name and also professional beauty schools, the businesswoman highlighted the boy in the social network, where she published a small sister clicking on her lap. "My love, my life, my sister and my little Francis!" Every day that passes you, it becomes more beautiful and strong. Two fissures on the lip and also on the upper part of the mouth. Well, perfect and every day richer. Thanks to this family. I love it, "the presenter wrote, reconciling family and business.

The model melts for your child on the web: & # 39; Golden Boy & # 39;

The day before, Isabel, who was born in early November 2018, but only reported her birth almost a month later, demonstrated the love she has for her heir in an Internet post. Chico has a clefted lip and a tight palate, two fissures on the lip and the ceiling of the mouth that gave him more charm. "Boy, boy, who again illuminated my life, kid with sea-colored eyes, Kiko's cheeks and a scraped smile. A warrior, a force that surprises every day: Francisco, Chico, Chichico, Kiko, Francisquinho.

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