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The study shows an increase in cancer in the population of 20 to 49 years


The increase in cancer cases among the population between 20 and 49 years between 1997 and 2016 drew the attention of the experts. In this period, the incidence of thyroid gland cancer increased by 8.8%, prostate cancer was 5.2% and the colon and rectum were 3.4%. The data are part of the study carried out by the Oncology Observatory, whose theme was Cancer before the age of 50: how to help data in prevention policies.

The work was presented on Wednesday (17) during the Big Data Forum oncology, which took place at the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting was organized by the All Together Against Cancer Movement (TJCC).

According to the study, there was an increase in mortality due to some types of illness. The highest percentage was cancer of the uterus, which increased by 4.2% per year; followed by the colon and the rectum with 3.2%, the chest of 2.5%, the oral cavity 1.2% and the cervix of the 1%.

The leader of the TJCC and the president of the Brazilian Association of Lymphomas and Leukemia (Abrale), Merula Steagall, said that after the American Cancer Society's investigation published in February in the United States, the identification of the relationship Between the obesity and the increase in cancer cases in specialists, from the Oncology Observatory, which belongs to the TJCC, they have devoted themselves to the study to verify what was happening in Brazil and analyze the data generated in the health sector. The data of DATASUS and Inca were analyzed.

The result, as well as an alert, will be used to indicate the types of policies that managers can adopt and prevent the trend from growing.

"Those who increased the incidence and mortality were life-related cancers. We are assuming that alcohol, tobacco, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise can reflect the increase in incidence," he says. say Merula Steagall.

The researcher says he believes that the increase in mortality is due to the fact that people seek advanced disease treatment. "As it is expected that cancer is a disease after 50 years more predominantly, because the cells are older and an irregular production that involves cancer begins, the person between 20 and 50 years old is not Attentive to this. The system does not facilitate the flow for a quick diagnosis. "


During the meeting, the experts highlighted two factors that contributed to these numbers: the lack of access to information and treatments. "This delay factor in the access to a specialist and an appropriate center also leads to mortality and the person loses control of the disease," he said.

Merula added that, in terms of technology, in these 20 years, there have been advances, so that for the specialist it is sad to see that scientific progress has not had an impact on the lives of people. "It did not work for many types of cancers. Of the 19 analyzed, 10 increased mortality," he said, highlighting the importance of the media to alert and spread healthy life.

"You have to plan your old age while you are young. Only young people think that their mortality is distant. I speak like a person with a genetic illness, and since death was always close, I always go I take care of myself, I tried, I tried to do sports and I ate healthy. It's important to note why we have to plan our aging. "


The medical doctor, Alice Francisco, had her own experience with an early diagnosis. When a routine screening was performed to check family history of hypothyroidism, it was found, even without symptoms, that it had thyroid cancer. The evaluation was done 12 years ago, the treatment was done, the tumor disappeared, but two years later it returned. "I had to do the treatment again. It was a very unexpected thing for my diagnosis at this time," he said.

Alice concluded that it was very important to have an early diagnosis and that she could see how the impact on the treatment results was relevant. The doctor strengthened the need to have good eating habits and physical habits. "For me, this was very important and I adapted to my day to day. Today I have a great impact on it as a health professional and I study everything. One of my lines of study is physical activity , so I've changed my way of being a professional after having passed it, "he said.

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According to the president of Abrale, the objective of the entity is to work together with the Ministry of Health to define, among other measures, a greater dissemination of the information on what the disease is, how can it be To diagnose and what are the risk factors.

The meeting highlighted the difference in access to information and the availability of treatment among the regions of the country, with more difficulty in the north, northeast and central-west. The director of the Department of Computer Science of SUS (DATASUS / SE / MS), Jacson de Barros, who participated in the debates, acknowledged that it is necessary to qualify the service teams, who can present an early diagnosis, facilitate it Treatment and in many cases avoid the death of the patient. For him, this can also reduce sub-notifications. "We want to change the way DATASUS data is available so that everyone can access beyond access, can do longitudinal studies, control the result. The idea is to improve the whole system," he said.

The director said that lack of infrastructure to allow the proper recording of the information. A last-year study of hospitals with more than 50 beds shows that more than half do not have an electronic medical history, that is, they do the basics when the patient entered, if he needed hospitalization and how many days he stayed In the unit, but there is no clinical analysis. "Even with the information we have, we can still get a lot of orange juice, even if we do not have the clinical information," he said.

To address the problem of regions where there is no access to information, diagnosis and treatment, the director said that the Ministry of Health is making a mapping to adapt the first service to make the appropriate record. "It will be a map based on the classification of the IBGE and, for each region, we will subsidize solutions for the investment in infrastructure at the tip and to find us better and register," he said.

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