Friday , May 14 2021

They want to get a strong & # 39; ⋆ Known on the Web

On Wednesday (14th), in A Fazenda, Leo Stronda commented on other roles about the strategy game used by the island of Raphael. After the competition between the Terra Group and the Agua Group, Leo said:Now that there is no group, if at one time he was a farmer, he puts me, Countriman or you at the farm ", said Joao Zoli.

"He wants to get strong. He will not even get confused with Luana, you'll see only", ended Stronda. "If the test is physical, you will give it a ball. He will not want this", said Luane Dias. "If you stop thinking, it will get harder for him. Well, I'm always, Sertanejo or Caikue in", said John.

According to the bodybuilder, Raphael will eliminate all those who are strong in the public. "I think that's proof, he is afraid because he knows he's going to all fields now. He has no friends"said Luane. "And it always goes with someone physically strong to prove farmers", added Caikue Aguiar.

In the field this week, Rafael Ilha, a farmer this week, ended with the introduction of Luan Dias for elimination and a $ 20,000 salary. So far, your steps have been planned for your competing service.

Rafael Ilha at A Fazenda 10 (Photo: Reproduction / Record)

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