Thursday , January 28 2021

“This room promises,” Boninho says

The house of “Big Brother Brazil 21” is revealed with a dropper. The new section of the decoration came from Boninho, who showed a love couple on the wall.

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“This room promises,” wrote Red Globo CEO.

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In her profile, Ana Furtado’s husband had already revealed that she promised to be the most colorful house of all.

“It’s going to be colorful,” he said when he shared a piece that looks like a fireplace, without defining what it was.

Later, it was time to show off the pool.

“How about swimming?” Boninho wrote.

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“Good times in this pool,” said Carol Peixinho of BBB19. “I miss swimming in this pool,” added Diego, also of the same edition.

At that time, the director also revealed that the house “BBB21” was still finishing.

“Will there be a spoiler of the strainer?” A fan asked.

“He’s not ready yet,” Boninho explained.

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