Thursday , July 7 2022

Three in one! IBM signs a patent for smartwatch that can convert a smartphone or tablet


After a project imagined by Huawei to suggest the successor of its folding, it was now IBM's turn to register a patent in the folding category. However, the company opted for an intelligent watch that would be developed to form a smartphone or tablets.

The smartwatch would consist of multiple screens, which could be configured to form another type of device. The document was published by the website LetsGoDigital and is entitled "Variable viewing size for an electronic display device". Check below:

The inscription was requested in 2016. However, it was only approved last June. The secondary screens are stacked in layers behind the main screen.

According to the document, the device is designed to work in one or more screen configurations, with different screen sizes. Since there are more panels located behind the primary, the laptop as a clock turns out that it has a still bulky body.

To complete this, the patent states that each screen has a size of 3×2 inches, that is, this is also the measure for the smartwatch folded. In the second adjustment, the size would become 6×4 inches. To complete, there would be a third option in 12×8 inches. However, the images in the document indicate that the latter is, in fact, 6×8 inches.

It is always worthwhile to underline that the existence of a patent does not mean that the project can not be printed and published on the market. The record only indicates that the idea is part of the company's intentions.

Do you think that an intelligent watch with screens to convert smartphones and tablets would be a good idea to make it happen? Share your opinion with us!

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