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Tom Hiddston confirmed in a live action series in Lodi – 08/11/2018


Disnei confirmed on Thursday (8) that Tom Hiddleston will play in the series on Streaming Street. However. The ad does not bring more news, such as writers, directors, and start date of the project.

"Disney + also compiles action with live actions, focusing on one of the favorite characters in Marvel's movie universe." Marvel Studios is developing a project based on Loki, the God of Conquest, starring Tom Hislston. "in the official comic.

The idea is that other characters, such as Scarlet Vitch, also get a solo adaptation for television. According to the Variety report in September, the planned budget for such projects will be similar to those in studio films. It is expected that each series will have six episodes.

Marvel Studios will produce titles and the surveillance will be on behalf of Kevin Feige, the mind behind the movie blockbusters.

Together with the release of the Loki series, Disnei further revealed that Diego Luna will return to Star Vars in a new production, focusing on the events before "Rogue One – Story of Star Wars." The company used a filling moment of news to discover the official name of its streaming service: Disnei +

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