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Users and organizations report restrictions on access to social networks in Venezuela Technology


According to non-governmental organizations "NetBlocks" and "VE sin Filtro", services such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Periscope had restricted access to the country.

  • Understanding the crisis in Venezuela

According to NetBlocks, the restrictions began after the speech of the self-proclaimed Venezuelan president Juan Guaidó Tuesday morning near the military base of La Carlota in the capital of Caracas.

The organization also says that the restrictions are not 100% effective, they are similar to the patterns of network instability seen earlier in the country, and that there are no signs of attempts to cool down all Internet access.

According to the VE Sin Filter project, which controls Internet access in Venezuela, sites are being filtered by SNI, which is the name of the site address in a connection (such as "" ).

According to the specialist in digital security and G1Altieres Rohr, this type of filtering allows you to limit or block access to certain sites, including those using cryptographic security (HTTPS), but it does not allow you to control specific pages of these sites.

Also, according to the "VE without Filter", the accesses may have been limited by the congestion of the network, which could be a possible explanation of the difficulties to access video and music transmission services, as well as the observed intermittences for NetBlocks.

Restrictions also on television

The union of workers in the country's press also accused the government of blocking the signal from foreign TVs such as CNN.

In Venezuela, telecommunications services are mostly provided by state-owned Cantv.

In your Twitter account, the company claims that there is no block of service. In addition, throughout the day, several photos of the public service centers that worked normally were published.

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