Sunday , October 17 2021

Vasco x Americano: everything you need to know about the duel of the third round of the Guanabara Cup Carioca Championship

With 100% advantage and morale, Vasco gets American this Sunday afternoon, at 7:30 p.m. (Brasilia), for the third round of the Guanabara Cup, in São Januário. Cruz-Maltino will not be able to count on his main players, Maxi López and Bruno César, and coach Alberto Valentim tested changes at the start.

Vasco won his first two games in the Guanabara Cup: 1-0 at Madureira and 5-2 at the Round Round, away from home and in San Juan, respectively. Thus, he is the leader of group B. American defeated Portuguesa by 1 to 0 in Pretty Mule and lost 4-0 to Fluminense in Bacaxá.

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Vasco – coach Alberto Valentim

Vasco is confident. After two games and a 100% use, the fanatics on their side will be back this Sunday in São Januário. Coach Alberto Valentim, however, will make changes to the starting team. Midfielder Thiago Galhardo has trained between 11 a week and should receive an opportunity.

Who is outside: Máxi López and Bruno César, both in the final stretch of pre-season preparation.

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American – technician Josué Teixeira

Visitors this Sunday have doubts in the home team. Espinho and Junior Santos, who had been used and were not facing Fluminense, should return to the team, but Josue Teixeira has not yet defined.

The likely climb in the US has: Luis Henrique, Léo Rosa, Admilton (Espinho), Gabriel and Rafinha; Abuda, Vandinho, Marquinhos (Junior Santos) and Neto; Gustavo Tonoli i Romario.

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Rafael Sá is the referee of the match in São Januário. Carlos Henrique Alves and Rafael Gomes will be the attendees.

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